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All officers for The American Legion, Department of New Jersey, were either elected at the 103rd Department Convention on June 8, 2022 or approved for appointment at the Department Executive Committee Meeting on June 8, 2022.

Arab Sex Culture

If you are a Muslim and would like to engage in some sensuous Arab sex, it is time to learn about the sex customs of the Middle East. Although the Arabs have a long history of intercourse, they have been known to be rather conservative in their sexual behaviors. In fact, a recent Lebanese TV show featured a Saudi Arabian Egyptian sex man who gave a glimpse of his sexual life on camera. While his actions were not particularly scandalous to Western standards, they were quite girlishly discreet. The show caused thousands of complaints and he was fired from his Saudi Arabian Airlines job. Several guest experts and an imam were invited to give their views on the topic.

Patai's "The Arab Mind" discusses sexual repression in a fascinating way, although he only devotes one tenth of the book to this subject. Most of the book is dedicated to the repression of women, and Patai's diagrammatic Freudianism leads him to give the Arab Child-Rearing Practices a prominent place in his analysis. Moreover, he claims that the Arab sexual culture is largely undeveloped and that the Arab men of today are enslaved by their women, and that their "social norms" are based on sex.

Mauj believes that sex education should be part of the curriculum at schools and should be accompanied by discussions about female orgasm. Arab societies are very conservative and traditional in many ways, and sex life is often an unspoken part of everyday life for many people. The patriarchal society and gender roles of the Arab societies make it difficult for women to engage in such activities. For that reason, a feminist movement is being developed to promote a more accepting Arab sex culture.

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Commander Steven Fisher

Bldg. #5, 2nd Floor
171 Jersey St.
Trenton, NJ 08611


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Dennis Duddie :: Post 170 – Bergen


William Kramer :: Post 43 – Morris


John Hanson :: Post 213 – Sussex


Brian Hagal :: Post 232 – Ocean


Patricia Tatum :: Post 61 - Atlantic


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John D. Baker - Post 120 - Hunterdon
171 Jersey Street Build #5, 2nd Floor Trenton, NJ 08611


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Tom Adams

Thomas Adams - Post 372 - Camden



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Michael Wilson - Post 19 - Hudson


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Michael Schaffer

Michael Schaffer - Post 129 - Ocean


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Edward O'Neili - Post 286 - Camden



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Anthony Santenello - Post 281 - Camden


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Kenneth Connors

Kenneth Connors - Post 23 - Monmouth 


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Judith Morales

Judith Morales - Post 227 - Passaic


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Berley Hanna, Jr.

Berley Hanna, Jr. Post 499 - Union


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Gene O'Grady

Eugene O’Grady - Post 232 - Ocean


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Dennis Duddie :: Post 170 - Bergen

(Counties: Essex, Hudson, Passaic, Monmouth, Bergen)


William Kramer :: Post 43 - Morris

(Counties: Union, Somerset, Middlesex, Morris)


John Hanson :: Post 213 - Sussex

 Counties: Hunterdon, Mercer, Warren, Sussex)


Brian Hagal :: Post 232 - Ocean

(Counties: Burlington, Cumberland, Gloucester, Ocean)


Patrcia Tatum :: Post 61 - Atlantic

(Counties: Camden, Cape May, Salem, Atlantic)